Number one in luxury automatic feeders

Carefree for you, proper care for your pet

Accurate dispensing

This smart food bowl ensures that your pet is always fed on time and in the right quantities, with integrated weight management and precise food delivery.

Airtight design

The Pet Genie's triple lock design demonstrates our commitment to food quality as it seals food airtight to maintain freshness and nutritional value.

Built-in camera

The Pet Genie is equipped with a built-in HD camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to view real-time video and audio and even communicate with your pet through the app.

Stainless steel bowl

The automatic feeder has a stainless steel bowl from which the food is dispensed. This bowl can also easily be placed in the dishwasher, which simplifies cleaning and promotes hygiene.

Prevent overnutrition and obesity

Improve your pet's health with precise food delivery and built-in weight management

Pet Genie | Automatic Pet Feeder

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Variant: Single
Very useful if you are not home on time or are going away for a weekend
Also contributes to a healthy and regular feeding routine for the animal
It's a smart investment in your cat's well-being and a useful addition to your daily routine

Away from home for a long time without worries

With the built-in HD camera, you don't have to worry when you are away from home for a long time - always real-time vision and communication.

Top quality food, guaranteed!

The triple lock design ensures high food quality by sealing airtight, preserving freshness and nutritional value for every meal of your pet.


Delivery reliability

No dropshipping or false promises!

Our products are all in stock in the Netherlands, have been checked and provided with the correct European quality marks and carry the Ruby Essentials brand.

All our customers gave us a five-star rating.


Perfect product and service!

Ordered the Pet Genie Automatic Feeding Bowl. Top product works beyond expectations, delivered on time and good service and expectations! 10/10


A very happy mother, thank you!

Bought the IPL Genie for Mother's Day to replace her old IPL device. Not only was she extremely surprised by the luxury of the device, the accessories and the packaging, but to be honest, so was I. Wonderful to be able to give something like this as a gift. As hoped, the device works well beyond expectations and with the extra attachments she can do much more than with her old device. During every visit from my mother I continuously hear how happy she is with it. Thank you for this!

Camilla Bezzechi

Clear site, fast service, very satisfied with the product. Product is as described. Very satisfied


A great purchase

After looking at the photos and videos my expectations were already high, but upon receiving the product they were even exceeded. The quality of the product, packaging and all the extras is simply excellent. And after a quick test, I can say that using it is extremely simple and convenient. I can't wait to start using it more often. This has truly been a fantastic purchase!

Gideon Nieuwenhuis

Very good service

Very good service. Product arrived very quickly. Ordered an IPL hair removal device for my girlfriend for her birthday. She was very happy with it.



I am extremely happy with my purchase of the IPL Genie. The quality of this device is truly exceptional and I saw visible results after just a few treatments. It is a pleasure to be able to treat literally everything with the different attachments, without having to miss a spot.

What I also love is that the treatments are completely numb. Moreover, they move very quickly, so I don't spend much time on them. This makes using the IPL Genie not only effective, but also very practical in my busy schedule.

The included aloe vera and other accessories are truly a sign of luxury and thoughtfulness. It shows that a lot of attention has been paid to the complete user experience.

I now have several products from you and I will definitely come back. You always exceed my expectations.



The automatic feeding bowl is convenient and stylish. With the camera I can always see my cat, a great product!

Youri van der Heijden

I had a number of questions about my purchase

I had a number of questions about my purchase. I then contacted them and they helped me extremely well to answer my questions.


Powerful device

Despite the price, definitely a good buy.
A very powerful & solid device.

Rik Heuvel

We are extremely satisfied with this company.

We are very satisfied with this company's super service, and our cats are also happy with their new litter box.



Ideal for my lifestyle. The automatic food bowl ensures that my dog ​​never has to go hungry when I'm not there. The interaction with the speakers is especially a nice addition.


Thank you for the pleasant contact

I received good help, thank you for the great communication and quick response. I will definitely come back to you again.


Fast delivery, product as described.

Fast delivery, product as described.

The service went very smoothly.

The service went very smoothly....
Well packed. We were kindly told about the device itself and it works great, very handy and the cats are also very satisfied.


Neatly packaged

Neatly packaged, effort made


Works great. Kat has been involved from day one.

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