Questions & Answers from IPL users

IPL hair removal at home is a very personal experience, as no two users are the same. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to determine whether IPL is the right hair removal method for you.

Experts can provide valuable information on questions such as "how often should I use IPL at home?", "how long does IPL treatment last?" and "is IPL a permanent solution?". But the tips and experiences of real users are also invaluable. Often the best advice about IPL hair removal comes from people who have actually used it. That's why for this article we asked users of the Ruby Essentials IPL Genie series about their experiences and tips for using IPL hair removal devices. Based on their answers, we've put together this handy IPL FAQ.

Here you will find answers to the five most frequently asked questions about the Ruby Essentials Genie IPL device for long-term hair reduction, such as:

  • Does IPL cause skin irritation?
  • Is IPL worth it?
  • Will you get ingrown hairs when using IPL?
  • Will your legs be smooth after using IPL?
  • Does the hair grow back when using IPL?
The experiences of real IPL users

We want you to have a positive experience with IPL, so here are the top five questions we asked our real users, along with their answers.

Does IPL cause skin irritation?

Chantal says:

"I don't experience any real irritation or excessive redness. Sometimes the treated area does become a bit red immediately after the session, but I recommend not rubbing. The redness usually disappears quickly. I have never experienced lasting irritation."

The high-energy light pulse not only heats the hair root, but also the skin. The degree of heating depends on the intensity of the impulse. The best IPL hair removal devices for home use adjust this setting based on your skin tone using smart technology.

Using smart technology, the Smart Skin sensor measures your skin tone and recommends the correct light setting. You do have the option to manually adjust the setting and reduce the intensity if necessary.

Tip: Be sure to read the user manual of the Ruby Essentials IPL Genie before changing any settings. Additionally, make sure you are careful when using IPL due to other factors, such as scars or moles.

Hoe vaak mag je IPL gebruiken en was het de moeite waard?

Lisa says:

"Absolutely worth it! Previously, I had to shave my legs and armpits every other day because of my strong hair growth. Now that has reduced considerably. I still shave occasionally, but much less often than before."

With regular use of an IPL device, hair growth will decrease after just a few treatments. Follow the recommended treatment plan for long-lasting results.

Tip: The longer you use the Ruby Essentials IPL Genie, the longer the periods between IPL treatments may be. This can even provide a hair-free smooth result for up to 6 months! This naturally gives you much more time for the fun things in everyday life.

Heb jij bij het gebruik van IPL ingegroeide haartjes ervaren?

Femke says:

"After using IPL at home a number of times, I no longer suffer from ingrown hairs. In the beginning I did have a few in my bikini line, probably due to epilation, but they have now disappeared."

Ingrown hairs are more common with shaving and plucking, not with IPL. IPL is an effective method to prevent ingrown hairs.

So IPL is a great method to prevent ingrown hairs.

Have your legs become silky soft and smooth after using IPL?

Esmee says:

"In the beginning it takes some getting used to treating all the spots, but with persistence you will get smooth legs. It is important to maintain a fixed pattern for the best results."

IPL requires patience, but the result is silky soft and smooth legs with regular use. Practice makes perfect, but with the Ruby Essentials IPL Genie series, this is not a difficult or arduous task. And reading some extra tips for smooth legs helps too!

Did you feel that your IPL experience was negative?

Aylin says:

"After a year of use, I have not had any negative experiences with IPL. Some hair still grows under my armpits, but much less than before. It is a huge difference compared to shaving."

IPL is not a permanent solution, but it does provide long-term hair reduction and softer hair growth. If you want to know more about how IPL works, check out this article.

There you have it! Five questions answered by real users of IPL Genie. With these insights, you can make an informed decision about IPL hair removal and hopefully share your own experience with others soon!

PLEASE NOTE: Individual results may vary.


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