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How Many IPL Treatments Do I Need?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is an effective method of removing unwanted hair and often provides long-lasting results. However, the number of IPL treatments required for permanent results may vary depending on several factors.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL hair removal uses pulsed light to heat the hair follicles and slow the growth of new hair. During each treatment, the hair follicles are treated at a certain growth stage, which means that not all hairs are treated at the same time.

Therefore, multiple treatments are required to target all hair follicles and achieve optimal results.

Average Number of Treatments


Although the number of treatments required varies from person to person, it is generally estimated that most people need between 6 and 8 IPL treatments for noticeable reduction in hair growth.

However, some people may need more treatments, while others may need fewer treatments, depending on factors such as hair color, skin color, hair thickness, and genetics.

Factors that influence the number of treatments:

  • Hair Color and Skin Color: IPL works best on dark hair and light skin. People with dark hair and fair skin generally have the best results with IPL hair removal.
  • Hair Thickness and Density: Thicker hair generally requires more treatments than thin hair. Additionally, the density of the hair in the treatment area can affect the number of treatments needed.
  • Hormones and Genetics: Hormonal changes and genetic factors can affect hair growth and the success of IPL treatments. Some people require more treatments due to genetics or hormonal imbalances.
  • Hair Growth Cycle: Because IPL is only effective on hair in the growth phase, the hair growth cycle can influence the number of treatments required. Multiple treatments are required to target all hairs at different growth stages.


Although IPL hair removal is effective for long-term hair reduction, multiple treatments are required to achieve permanent results.

The number of treatments required may vary depending on several factors, including hair color, skin tone, hair thickness, genetics and hormonal factors.

Consult a professional beautician or skin therapist for a personalized treatment plan and accurate estimate of the number of IPL treatments required for your specific needs and circumstances.

With patience and dedication, you can enjoy long-lasting and satisfying results with IPL hair removal.

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