The best IPL Advice for at Home

Wondering how you can best use your IPL device at home? IPL devices are simple and effective, provided you know what you are doing! In this article we share some useful IPL tips and tricks to get the most out of your home IPL use, including:

  • First, familiarize yourself with the device.
  • Check your hair color and skin tone.
  • Perform a test.
  • Prepare your skin.
  • Choose the right light intensity.
  • Learn how to clean your IPL device.
  • Advice on skin care after the treatment.
  • How to draw up a treatment plan.

Read on to discover how you can get the best results with DIY IPL hair removal.

Do IPL yourself in 8 easy steps

Let's start with our IPL advice. Using an IPL device at home can provide long-lasting results and be a quick and easy method once you know the proper techniques. Here are our 8 tips and tricks to ensure you have the best experience with our IPL devices at home.

Read the manual about IPL hair removal yourself

It is essential to familiarize yourself with your device and read the manual thoroughly for the best IPL technique:

  • The manual provides detailed instructions on how to use the IPL hair removal device and attachments for each specific part of your body.
  • In addition, the manual provides information on the duration and frequency of IPL treatments to be performed at home.

Check your hair color and skin tone

Unfortunately, IPL is not suitable for all hair colors and skin tones. Here are some important points to remember:

  • IPL is effective on light to brown skin tones, but less effective on very dark skin tones.
  • It works best on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair.
  • IPL is not effective for lighter hair tones such as white, gray, very light blonde and red.

Tip: For more information about IPL devices, check out our article on buying an IPL device and what to look for.

Start with a test

After choosing your home IPL device, it is important to perform a patch test 24 hours before the first treatment. For the best experience with IPL devices at home, follow these steps:

  • Set your device according to your hair color and skin tone.
  • Then perform an IPL light flash test on a small area of ​​your skin.
  • If you do not notice any irritation after the rest period, you can continue with the treatment.
  • If the skin is red or irritated, you should take precautions by using a lower light intensity or considering whether the treatment is suitable for you.

Tip: If skin irritation persists, it is advisable to first discuss the IPL treatment with a dermatologist to prevent skin damage.

Prepare your skin for IPL treatment

  • Remove hair from the area to be treated: shave, pluck or wax the area you want to treat with IPL. Removing the hair will prevent the hair from burning on the skin's surface.
  • Clean the skin: Your skin should be dry, clean, and free of oil and soap before the treatment.

Choose the right light intensity and attachment

After determining your skin tone and hair color, it is important to set and use the recommended light intensity. You can find this information in the instructions for use of your IPL device.

Tip: The IPL Genie has been developed for safe and effective hair removal. Using smart technology, the Smart Skin sensor measures your skin tone to determine the correct light setting and intensity.

Clean the IPL device

After using your IPL device, it is essential to thoroughly clean the entire device, especially the attachments. Here are some simple steps to get the best results at home:

  • Always switch off the device first.
  • Then remove any attachments.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean every part of the device, including the light window, the outside of the attachments, the reflector on the inside of the attachments, and the glass on the inside of the attachments.

Take care of your skin after the IPL treatment

Our most important tip for caring for your skin after IPL is to avoid irritating creams, scrubs and gels immediately after the treatment. Instead, choose skin care products that are gentle on the skin.

Make a treatment plan

A treatment plan can help you maintain the right rhythm, especially if you treat different parts of your body with IPL at home. Here are some tips to get the most out of your IPL experience:

  • IPL treatments should be repeated every two weeks, up to a maximum of six times.
  • You will start to see results after the third treatment.
  • If you want to treat your entire body, spread the treatment over several days instead of doing it all at once.
  • The treatment of the face and armpits only takes two to three minutes. Treatment of the arms takes a maximum of seven minutes per arm.
  • For the legs, the treatment can take up to 20 minutes per leg.

Tip: The Ruby Essentials IPL Genie can help you experience the ultimate IPL hair removal at home.

It's a piece of cake. With these eight tips for using IPL at home, you can be assured that you will have the best IPL hair removal experience at home, especially if you choose a quality device like the IPL Genie.